Basic Carpet Materials You Need to Know

Carpets are one of the most attractive furnishings there is. Not only is it attractive because of its patterns, designs, and color, but it is also attractive because it can provide a lot of comfort for its users. It can also serve the function as a cushion for accidental slippage and falls; this is especially important if you have kids at home. 

Carpets are mainly composed of fibers, and there are a lot of fibers to choose from. The different kinds of carpet fibers are what makes the decision of buying one hard because each one has pros and cons. You need not worry though because I will share information on basic carpet materials you need to know. 

 Carpet Materials

  • Wool

Wool is one of the oldest used fibers in our history; it comes from the coats of lambs or sheep. Even today, wool is continually one of the most widely used carpet fibers. The main advantage of wool as a carpet fiber is that it does not easily get soiled; this is because wool is an opaque fiber, which means it does not reflect back light like the synthetic ones that are also used today as carpet fibers like nylon, which is transparent. 

Because of the advantage mentioned above, and because wool is naturally very strong and resilient, it is very ideal to place it in high traffic areas. It can withstand much pressure from footsteps, but it still retains its beautiful quality. 

Another prominent characteristic of wool is that it easily absorbs moisture; this can be both good and bad. This can be good because it can respond easily when you clean it, but it can also be bad because it easily acquires stain. Another disadvantage of wool is that it is expensive, this is because it comes from natural sources and is not synthetically made. 

  • Polyester

From one of the most expensive carpet material, we go to one of the cheapest, which is the polyester. Polyester’s popularity goes up and down, as it both has major advantages and disadvantages.  

The main advantage of polyester is that it can easily be cleaned, it is also stain-resistant because it only has low moisture absorbency rate. Polyester does not have problems on bleaching, and it doesn’t fade easily. 

The disadvantage of polyester is that oily stains or dirt easily clings to it, and if left unattended it can cause chemical reactions which wear down the quality of the carpet. 

  • Nylon

Nylon is not as expensive as wool, but it is also not as cheap as polyester, it is one of the most popular and widely used carpet material. Nylon’s advantage is that it is very resilient, it can be crumpled or stretched for a long time, and it can still regain its original state. 

The problem with nylon is that it is tricky to clean because it reacts easily with bleach and other chemicals. If not treated properly, nylon can fade easily. 

Whether you select nylon, polyester, or wool, it is important to take not that all carpets need regular maintenance and cleaning. To hire professional carpet cleaners, click here. 

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